Moinhos da Corga are located 10 km away from Montalegre and from the famous mountain of Larouco on the border between Portugal and Spain. In this region, Ponte da Misarela, Pitões das Júnias e Tourém, are other famous places to visit. Another very famous set of mountains is the national park of Peneda-Gerês. This is the only Portuguese National Park distinguished by UNESCO.

Moinhos da Corga are located in the small and old village of Parafita. The inhabitants of this region live mainly from the agriculture and the main products are cereals and potatoes. This region is also famous by the renown quality of the veal's meat.

Away from the city stressful life, this Portuguese countryside location is perfect for nature lovers, offering beautiful landscapes and relaxing surroundings. The landscape, the people, the old houses, churches, chapels and bridges, as well as hunting, fishing, riding a horse, walking the mountain trails or the silence of the countryside are just a few of the attractions to the visitors of this region.